Styrian Drop


The Gastro Oleum Handels GmbH is a wholesale company based in Eibiswald / southern Styria / Austria. The commercial focus of our brand "Styrian Drop" is placed in the export of Styrian high quality delicacies, especially Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil PGI.

Due to our fully automated bottling line we are also able to fill and pack various food products in our company.


Mag. Christoph Kovacic
+43 (0) 664 8514512




I am a real entrepreneur and am always been thinking about ideas and their implementation into working business models. There is an old saying: “Good is often so close” Why trading with goods of distant countries when many great products are literally lying on the doorstep? The advantage of our regional food is that I am convinced about my products with all my heart, thus strengthening the domestic economy and I also can inspect from harvesting through processing to packaging and shipping. A sustainable , appreciative and fair trade is in addition to quality and innovation prerequisite for me. All this makes the entrepreneur existence exciting, challenging and yet so desirable.

Werner Orac
Head of Marketing & Sales, Product-Design
+43 (0) 664 1340008


High quality foods are a material condition for quality of life and a must. I attach also in private on regional and seasonal products especially great importance because it usually goes hand in hand with the quality. I am a real Grazer and feel very closely bound up with Styria. I love the people, the breathtaking landscapes and the diversity in our “Green Mark” and think that you can taste it in our products. A piece of home to take away …


We from Styrian Drop send regional products from Styria in the whole world to share that special feeling of life and the enjoyment of our products with the people.
Therefore we attach importance to quality products from the region and work closely together with our producers, so we can guarantee for a fair and sustainable trade.

Styria and it’s products

Styria is the origin of many delicacies, so you rightly speak of the “deli of Austria”. Therefore we attach importance to the highest quality of our products and to nature conservation. Because it’s the only way to market regional specialties in a sustainable way. This culinary souvenirs are the best way to get to know Styria.