Styrian Drop

Styrian Drop

Innovation meets enjoyment

Together with the best food products and delicacies Styria has to offer our products from Styrian Drop are a total package that appeals the palate, the aesthetic sense and enthusiasm for innovative solutions equally. Thus, we contribute a part in helping to show "Green Mark" as Styria is also known by one of its best side, the culinary and innovative.


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Where to buy?

Culinary souvenirs are the best way to get to know Styria. Therefore Styrian Drop products conquer the world! Find out in which countries and shops you can buy our products already.

Styrian products

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The varied beautiful landscapes of Styria produces numerous of delicacies, so we often speak  from "deli Austria". Particularly importance is attached on the highest quality products like Styrian Drop. So learn more about the entire product range of Styrian Drop. 

A Styrian Drop for every moment

Styrian Drop stands for thoughtful and innovative packaging solutions, combined with the highest quality of food. Because producing high-quality delicacies is one thing, to design the packaging for customers practical without sacrificing quality is another.

 Therefore there are 10ml Styrian Drops of the precious and delicious oil for practical single use. Due to their size one drop would be sufficient for a whole portion of salad, a starter, main course or dessert. So Styrian Drop guaranteed each time for the necessary freshness in your meal.


Our Team

The entire team assist you by the implementation of your ideas at any time with pleasure



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Mag. Christoph Kovacic
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Werner Orac

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