Styrian Drop

The “Kurier” writes about our pumpkin seed oil!

The “Kurier” writes about our pumpkin seed oil!

The courier, a well known media company, reported on our Styrian Drop – 100% Styrian pumpkin seed oil in his blog:

When autumn approaches, the joy rises to fresh pumpkin seed oil. Because as of mid-September, the typical Styrian oil pumpkin are harvested and the seeds are pressed to viscous dark oil. About 30 of such fruits are necessary to obtain one liter. Today, it has long been very popular abroad too. It tastes in tradtional Styrian scarlet runner beans salad as well as over green salads. But even a simple scrambled eggs’ or a scoop of vanilla pumpkin oil is a delightful taste.

The special , however, is not for every day. And therefore so many pumpkin seed oil fans have to deal with the durability of the capricious oil . Unopened the durability of a bottle is entirely up to nine months. But once it’s open, you should consume them quickly. Because by heat and light polyunsaturated fatty acids oxidizes. And instead of the popular fine nutty flavor dominates a bitter, rancid note.

“The smaller, the fresher”, the Styrian entrepreneur Franz Pichler and Christopher Kovacic thought. Pichler tinkered with the idea that instead of oil in 500 ml or 250 ml bottles to fill with a special process smal portions in drops. The result was “Styrian Drop”. The 10-ml vials each range for a portion of salad or an appetizer. Thus, pumpkin seed oil in the truest sense of the word stays fresh to the last drop.
Be used only incidentally oils with the “PGI” designation. It stands for “protected geographical indication” and may only be used for pumpkin seeds from a defined growing region, which are pressed there.

The original text could be found at: Kurier – Styrian Drop