Styrian Drop

KitchenHunters present video with Styrian Drop!

KitchenHunters present video with Styrian Drop!

The emerging and innovative team of Kitchen Hunters presented this week a new recipe video called “Styrian Drop pumpkin seed oil with Tuscany bread, sheep’s cheese, smoked ham and organic egg”. What makes us really happy: beside all the qualitative ingredients, which characterizes that most tasteful dish, our Styrian Drop pumpkin seed oil is an important part!

They rely on a simple concept: cooking videos with a cool beat in the background to bring the viewers cooking without great trappings and inspire them with fresh food.

Online Chef Thomas creates simple dishes that are to cook without trouble so that everyone can tune it personally for itself. With many years of experience as a chef in some of the best cuisines of Graz he seeks a new challenge with KitchenHunters. He is assisted by Karli, who is standing behind the camera and is responsible for video editing, website and everything technical.

Video: recipe video
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