Styrian Drop

Styrian Drop supplies hospital in Graz

Styrian Drop supplies since January 2016 the Elisabethinen Hospital in Graz with delicious salad oil, olive oil and aplevinegar-Drops. The small packages to 10ml are added to the patients salads and guarantee not only for high quality and a Styrian value chain but also for a maximum individuality, a more comfortable handling and high hygiene standards.

The hospital Elisabethinen contributes to the health care for the people of Graz and beyond for over 300 years.
Currently, the hospital performs 197 beds in the fields of internal medicine, surgery (including laparoscopy), Otorhinolaryngology, pain medicine, intensive care, palliative care and its own X-ray diagnostics. The hospital has approximately 420 employees and serves about 37,000 patients a year.
Today, the hospital is still owned by the Convention Elisabethinen Graz. The sisters of the Convention work with in various areas in the hospital.