Styrian Drop

Styrian Drop 100% Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil PGI

As of now, there is the high quality and precious pumpkin seed oil from Styria in Austria in small 10 ml drops. Since after opening larger bottles the durability of the sensitive oil is limited, the idea to fill the popular seed oil in a smaller package to get the full flavor in every drop was born.
Due to their size one drop of Styrian pumpkin seed oil PGI or the black gold as the pumpkin seed oil is also known for would be sufficient for a whole portion of salad, a starter, main course or dessert.

PGI pumpkin seed oil is a vegetable oil made from the roasted seeds of the Styrian oil pumpkin. It is ideal for all cold and hot starters, main courses and desserts, as well as a salad oil. In addition, Styrian pumpkin seed oil is used more often in natural medicine, due to its high levels of vitamin E, Selenin, linoleic acid and phytosterol.

Cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil has a greenish tint. The smell of pumpkin seed oil is described as intense nutty, roasty and mildly spicy. In taste it is wonderfully nutty and highly aromatic with a distinctive touch.

This unique natural product whisked away every palate on a culinary journey into the green heart of Austria – Styria.

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Styrian Drop 100% Steirisches Kürbiskernöl

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Styrian Drop 100% Steirisches Kürbiskernöl

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